Its name from the greek Pareghialia expressed the particularities of place, which means “shore of the sea”. Its beautiful sandy shores, with clear waters and its luxurious touristic complex make Parghelia one of the most beatiful and relaxing seaside towns in the coast.


From its position overlooking the sea, you con enjoy a fascinating view that goes from white and rocky beaches of the Marina the Michelino, to Tropea harbour on the left side and in front the island of Stromboli.

The particularity of its beaches that you can reach by long stairways or by sea is that they are not so crowded as the other seaside location.

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Parghelia is also an agricultural centre as Ricadi and Briatico not only for the cultivation of the famous red onion, but also for the presence of citrus fruit, vines and vegetables. Among the main economic activities there is undoubtedly tunafisching; the well known tunny-fisching net of 1090, has been granted by Count Roger to the Abbot Oderissio of the monastery of Montecassino.

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One architectural witness that survived to the earthquake is the eighteenth century Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo, erected in 1775, where inside, you can admire an interesting mosaic of the martyrdom of San’Andrea, the Virgin portrait of the eighteenth century and a beautiful painting in the ceiling which commemorates the Saracens’ defeat by the citizens of Parghelia.

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Other interesting monuments are the Church of St. Antonio of 900, two nineteenth century cannons which were found in the sea and today placed at the beginning of the town and an old stone building with bastions. The summer season in Parghelia includes a series of events of art, culture, sports and entertainment related to the tradition of the place. Some appointments are the Madonna di Portosalvo day and the “Sagra of fish” dishes where you can taste delicious fish plates and local wines.

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