Tropea: visit to the historic city

Taking largo Porta Nuova as a starting point for a visit of the Historic Centre, we see on both the right and left side the two slopes that put into evidence the isolation of the Cliff and its only point linked to the hinterland. After the 1783’s earthquake an opening was made through the defensive walled perimeter where Corso Emanuele starts, therefore a third door was open called “Porta Nuova”. Looking ahead you can see the place where the ancient walls extended to reach on the left a point is an ancient cannon, on the right you can reach the remaining wall on the slope leading to the Marina. On the right where now the imponent palace, Palazzo Toraldo, is standing, there was the ancient Castle with the high Aragonese tower. During the demolition of the Castle,  the pick brought to light a paleochristian cemetery with tombstones which are now kept in the Palace. In the same location there was also S.Maria del Bosco, the first place of worship for the Christian community. In the hall of Toraldo’s house the wall has been out from the cliff-stone.

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