Sausages of Calabria

The product: the local sausages come from a deep-rooted. They are made using the best cuts of pork. They can be cooked on a barbecue, on a griddle or fried in olive oil. Many people prefer to boil the sausages for a few minutes before cooking them. Serve with a salad or pickled vegetables.

Method: after butchering the pig the meat is left for a day and then the shoulder, belly and spareribs are de-boned and roughly minced. If the sausages are to be spicy, ground red spicy pepper is added, otherwise the non spicy sort is used. Black pepper corns and fennel seeds are added and the mixture is left to marinate for half a day. Then the sausage meat is pressed slightly and inserted into the small intestine of the pig. The strings are twisted into the typical sausage section and left to mature for a few days.

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