1299697274.JPGThe dish: zeppole are a traditional local dish. They are made at Christmas the feast of the immaculate conception (dec 8 th) and in the village of Parghelia, on St. Andrew’s day. Traditionally they are eaten with pickles, salami, sheep’s cheese, tinned tuna and boiled cauliflower which is dressed with salt, olive oil and lemon juice.

Ingredients: for 4 people (10 zeppole each)

For the dough: –    1 kg italian 00 flour, 1 kg durum wheat flour

–     50 g fresh baker ‘s yeast, 3 tsp salt, warm water

For the filling: –   3 salted anchovies (rinsed and chopped), 100 g ‘nduja

–     180 g tuna in olive oil, 50 g sultanas, oil for deep frying

Method: place the flour in a large mixing bowl and crumble the yeast into it with the salt. Add the water and mix to get a pliable dough. Knead thoroughly then leave to rise for about 3 hours in a warm place. Heat the oil and start by cooking the simple zeppole with no filling. Take a lump of dough and squeeze your hand so that some of the dough oozes out between the thumb and forefinger. Remove a lump the size of a walnut and fry until golden in colour. Remove from the oil and dry on absorbent paper. To make the filled zeppole place a little of one of the filling ingredients into the little lumps and cook as before.

Versione Italiana – Italian Version

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