Salami a satizza

salame a salsiccia calabrese.jpgThe product: salami a satizza is a much loved local cured meat. Made from minced pork mixed with spicy red pepper it is cured following traditional methods. In February or march it is exceptionally good but it maintains its qualities throughout the year. In summer or winter, at midday or during the evening meal, “salami a satizza” cut into small slices or bigger chunks is fantastic with bread or in an omelette, in baked pasta dishes or in a “pitta china” or as part of a hors d’oeuvres.

Method: having slaughtered a pig (between December and February ) the meat is left to rest for one day. The shoulders, belly and spare ribs (carefully stripped of bone and cartilage) are roughly minced and mixed with finely powdered spicy red pepper (or red pepper paste), salt and black pepper corns and sometimes fennel seeds as well. The mixture is left to marinate for about ten hours, then pressed under strong pressure before being put into sections of the pig’s small intestine. These are then tied into smaller sections with string and the sausages are left to cure in a cool place for two months.

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