fiori di zucca.jpgThe dish: courgette flowers fritters are traditional in this area both on the coast and in the hill areas. The recipe is handed down from one generation to another and technically the fritters are part of a second course. However, few families resist the temptation to try a few fritters second after they have been cooked when their flavour is at its best. These fritters ara tipically part of our summer menu when the flowers are available.

frittelle fiori di zucca.jpgIngredients for 4 people (5 fritters per person): 30 male courgette or marrow flowers, 200 gr. Italian 00 flour, 1 egg. 350 ml. water, salt, olive oil.

Method: wash the flowers thoroughly and cut them into pieces removing the stamens. Put the flour into a bowl with the egg. The salt and the water and whisk to get a smooth batter. Add the flower pieces and mix gently. Heat the oil in a thick based friyng pan. When it is smoking hot pour spoonfuls of the batter into the pan. After a couple of minutes turn the fritters. When they are golden on both sides remove from the oil and drain on absorbent paper. Serve piping hot.