Nduja 1.jpgThe product: ‘nduja is a native of this particular area  – especially around Spilinga, from where it has spread to other parts of Calabria. Nduja is made from pork which is minced, mixed with spicy pepper and cured following traditional techniques. Nduja is at its best immediately after the brief period required  to cure it.

In February or March, but it maintains its quality and particular flavour throughout the year. In summer or winter, at midday or during the Nduja 6.jpgevening meal, ‘nduja is great on bread rusks. In hors d’oeuvres, with pasta or with fish, on a pizza and in fried foods or simply spread on a slice of bread at the end of a meal.

Method: having slaughtered a pig (between December and February) the meat is left to rest for one day. The cheek


and other discarded meats are minced finely. Many people also add the skin to the minced meat but this is optional. Very spicy hot red pepper nduja 2.jpgis roughly chopped and added to the meat along with salt and fennel seeds and the mixture is carefully stirred before being left to marinate for about ten hours. The paste is then put into cleaned pigs intestines which are tied with strings to give the typical form. The resulting ‘ndujas are hung to cure for at least two months.

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