The province of Vibo Valentia is a shrine of art treasures, which is well protected. In the noumerous museums, starting in the provincial capital, there invaluable historical and artistic values, like the Laminetta Aurea of the 3rd century before Christ, one of the best maintained orphic scriptures ever found in Italy and Greece. But in this region there cannot only be found art in the museums but it is also reflectted in the architecture of the monumental palaces in the various old towns, in the stone portals, the mosaics, which decorate the antique villas and the attitude of the population which since centuries expresses their religious admiration in In the old Grecee myth story of Phersephone, symbol of the season and the supremacy of life about death, the roots of Vibo Valentia have their origin, where the wild beauty of the village ara opposing an ancient past. The reign of the Greeks at Locri as well as the Romans, Byzantines, Angevins and Aragons have Characterized Vibo Valentia and the region and this is still visible everywhere today.the art of handicraft.