It is interesting to know what the pick and the eye of the archeologist have to say about the ancient life of the men who lived here in Tropea. In the surroundings it is easy to find proofs of human settlements of neolitic age by sieving the territory rich in obsidian and flint. The man of the cave civilization had stopped behind the cemetery of S.Domenico. The Appenninic Civilization left its traces on the Poro. The “Protovillanoviana” Civilization, present in Tropea, cremated their deads and put their ashes in incinerators which are, nowadays, brought to light by the pick. The first iron civilization (early X-IX century)  developed greatly in the above location of Torre Galli, the ancestor of Tropea in the sourronding back hills, where it has left a big necropolis. It was discovered in 1922 by the famous archeologist Paolo Orsi from Rovereto, who organized two archeological seasons, one in 1922 and one the following year reaching surprising results, but did not completed the necropolis circuit which is still waiting to be largely explored. Recently a short excavation seasons was carried out by the Superintendence of Reggio Calabria. Torre Galli civilization is rich in pottery, bronzes, jewls, and swords all of great interest.

In the centre of Tropea and exactly in Duomo Square, the stratography revealed the constant presence of man, from bronze age until present days. The IV greek century came to light but has never been explored, because of technical difficulties. Underground Tropea the pick has discovered a paleochristian cimitery. In the surrounding hills it is possible to find graves, in riches dug in the rock, of late roman and medieval times.

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