The big dispute, which had begun with the discent of Carlo d’Angiò, ended with the conquer of the Southern Ringdom by Ferdinando the Catholic and with the joining of the same Kingdom to the other Spanish possessions. Tropea, now part of the new political order was able to obtain other concessions and privileges by the new King. But Tropea, for its location, was directly exposed to the raids by Turkish pirates in the following centuries. The famous corsair Barbarossa who, with his predatory and sanguinary deads territorized the wole Christian community in the Mediterraneum, anchored peacefully in front of Tropea the only city he respected, perhaps because of a secret agreement made with his father-in-law whom he wanted to meet and who had purposely come from Reggio. Tropea had an important role in the formation of the Christian League’s fleet that won over the Turks in the Lepanto battle. The fleet gathered 2,000 Calabresi who took part in the battle; one of their Leaders was Gaspare Toraldo from Tropea who distinguished himself in the famous battle.