The Svevi period did not leave a particolar mark as far as Tropea is concerned, with the exception of the ascendance to the highest positions in the Kingdom of the Tropea citizen Pietro Ruffo, who enjoied the esteem of the Emperor Federico II who honoured and appointed him executioner and marshal of the Reign and the Count of Catanzaro. With him originated the famous princely Family which later was divided into different branches and became of great importance in the history of Calabria.
The Angiolini’s period, so contrasting and violent, saw Tropea for its strategic location in first position, in the wars following the Vespro, as well as in the disputes between Luigi III d’Angio and Alfonso V d’Aragona. In the following war Tropea was object of military attention by Alfonso, who increased its defensive power so much that it was able to stand up, without surrendering, to a long and heavy siege.
During the wars between Alfonso and the adventurer Antonio Centelles, Tropea temporarerly fell under the dominium of Centelles. When he was defeated and eliminated, King Alfonso recognized again Tropea as a State city free from feudal dominion.
These events had a great importance for the city and its inhabitants who, taking advantage of the difficult times of the King, were able to be repaid for their loyalty with new concessions and privileges which later became the basis of their economical and civil wealth.
While the other cities and the Calabria barons often changed their position as allied of either the Aragonesi or the Angioini in their centuries-old disputes, Tropea remained faithful to the former ones, that is why it bears on its banner the motto’s “Sola Tropea sub fidelitate remansit”.