Ancient Tropea had some well distinct cultural activities, not just like the ones of a common Calabrian town in the past centuries, but like a town characterized by an open way to sea communications and seat of a spreaded aristocracy. The high number of religious men, canons, nobles, and priests was already in itself a positive fact. Large was the number of doctors in “utroque jure” and of physicians. Not all of them reached a high cultural level. It was not certainly the case, but some of them followed very strict study commitments reaching a solid and broad culture. Therefore, Tropea had all through the centuries valuable personalities in the cultural field who carried out their activities in and outside Tropea. Even the Bishops sent to guide the Diocese, were in many cases distinguished operated as a linking, joining and stimulating element in the cultural life of Tropea was the “Accademia of the Affatigati”, established in XV century. The Academy had some very intense periods, and some ones dull.