When  Calabria passed from the dominion of the Goti to the rule of Bisanzio, Tropea, as the rest of Calabria returned  to its greek oriental origins. Also the church gradually passed under the guidance of Costantinopoli patriarch and from the latin language it turned to the use of the grek language. Very little we know about this long period, we only have knowledge  of the names of two bishop from Tropea who attended two Councils. These were the centuries signed by the arrival of the oriental basilian monks, who along with the greek language and culture brought the oriental saints, too, the worship of whom is still radicated among the local people. But the most demanding event for the inhabitans of Tropea, was the explosion of the Arabs presence in the western Mediterranean, above all after their occupazion of Sicily, which led them in view of Tropea. Soon the city, for its strategic location, was in first position in the race between the Arabs and Byzantines for the dominion of Calabria. Firstly occupied by the Saraceni it was freed by Niceforo Foca a Byzantine general who, in 867, once more, made Calabria a part of the oriental roman Empire, driving the Saraceni out  of Tropea, S. Severina and Amantea. For the second time the Saraceni occupied Tropea in 946, and then again in 985.